Six jobs to be doing in the garden in May

1. Spend five -ten minutes a day on weeding beds and borders in the garden. Weeds thrive on rain and sunshine so now’s the time to start getting on top of them. If you can, weed by hand making sure you pull them out before they flower or set seed.

2. Remove tired plants planted in early Spring and add to the compost heap.

3. Refresh plant pots by top-dressing with compost and feed with a good quality fertilizer with Mary & June's Root and Seed

4. Make a start on your hanging baskets using good quality compost and some water retaining crystals as the soil will dry out a lot quicker in hanging baskets. Keep them under cover until late May to protect from frost. Feed every two weeks with Mary & June Premium Plant Food.

5. Collect rainwater from a roof, garage or greenhouse. You can also use anything you have around your home, like watering cans or buckets. It may even reduce your water bill !

6 Get planting with the kids - Sunflower seeds, poppies and wildflowers can be planted this time of year.