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Mary & June's Garden 'Root & Seed Organic Feed' is the perfect feed to start your garden growing. That's why it's Grandma’s choice every time.


Young plants and seedlings need more care and attention to thrive. With the correct minerals and nutrients you will produce healthy, wonderful plants and flowers. Mary & June always understood the importance of a healthy roots system. That's why we've worked with a leading British Garden fertiliser specialist to create an organic formula for our Root & Seed organic feed. It contains a unique combination of growing nutrients including ONYX & MYCOSTART (amino acids, mycorrihzal fungi and friendly bacteria such as tricoderma and bacillus) which promotes faster seeding establishment, root development and improves the long term health producing brighter colours for flowers, fruits and vegetables.


Mary & June's Garden 'Root and Seed Organic Feed' with Onyx and Mycostart, works for any outdoor flowers, fruits and vegetables. To achieve strong and fruitful plants, your plant needs a robust root system and Root & Seed helps produce this.


The gentle, organic formulation and bio-stimulant properties enhance seed germination and improve root growth. Can be applied all year round to boost plant health and conditions ahead of stressful periods and protect your plants against disease.   


Simply work the required granules around the root base when planting or moving plants to borders, pots or raised beds.


Our Root & Seed goes much further than other plant feeds, requiring less packaging and helps save the environment. Our 750g pack (using 75% less plastic that stiff plastic containers) feeds up to 50 plants A 5g measuring scoop is included with each pack.


CONGRATULATIONS YOU'VE PLANTED A TREE! For every pack you purchase, we will donate one tree.


Keep Calm and Happy Gardening!  

Mary & June

Mary & June's Garden 'Root & Seed Organic Feed' - with Onyx and Mycostart