Grow Your Own - Salad Leaves

Nice and Easy - Salad Leaves

Within 5-8 weeks you could have fresh healthy salad leaves for your sandwiches. There are a fantastic range of flavours available. And it keeps on giving, salad leaves will continue growing throughout the summer, so you can harvest them again and again.

Tip - Children will love growing salad leaves and they may even eat some.

What you will need - Give it a go:

A packet of mixed salad leaves seeds, potting container or growing bag - any container will do with more than 15 cm 6 inches deep and with good drainage holes, a small bag of multi-purpose compost and a fine watering can

Begin Sowing

- Fill your potting containers with compost to within 5 cm or 2 inch from the rim

- Scatter salad seeds thinly (1-2 cm) between seeds, and fill container with compost up to 2 cm 1 inch from the rim.

- Spray the surface with water. (Remember to keep the surface of the container moist.)

- Try adding Mary & June's 'Grow Your Own' plant feed for a bumper crop

Harvest them leaves

Remember to wait until the plant is about 8 cm or 3 inches tall, which should be between 5-8 weeks, cut or pick individual leaves as required, leaving 2-3 cm of the stem for new growth.

Happy Gardening - For bumper crop use Mary & June's Grow Your Own Plant Food