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Mary & June's Garden 'Grow Your Own' super-concentrated feed is the only feed you need to give you a bumper crop of healthy fruit and vegetables. And that's why it's Grandma’s Choice every time.


Like us, fruits and vegetables need more than water to thrive. The correct minerals and nutrients will produce healthy, tasty fruit and vegetables. Mary & June believed that nothing could beat the taste of fresh fruit and vegetables grown in your own garden or allotment and the enjoyment you get knowing you have grown them yourself. They understood that Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients needed for a healthy fruit and vegetable garden. That's why we have worked with a leading British Garden fertiliser specialist to create a bespoke formula for “Grow Your Own”, containing a unique combination of growing nutrients with essential nitrogen, magnesium, fulvic acid, seaweed and bio-stimulants to help cultivate healthy fruits and vegetables.


Mary & June's Garden 'Grow Your Own' Feed works wonders on your vegetable patch, whether in pots, beds or on allotments. A bespoke nutrient ratio to boost the volume of fruits and vegetables and improve the health of the roots and the plant.. With added magnesium, a vital plant nutrient that helps seeds germinate better, produces greener greens and bumper crops of fruit and vegetables.


The added seaweed contains phosphorous which helps maintain a strong root systems. Our soluble feed is super concentrated and goes much further than other plant feeds, requiring less packaging and helps save the environment. Our 800g pack (using 75% less plastic than stiff plastic containers) makes 720 litres of premium plant feed or 160 water cans (4.5 litres)


Easy to use - just add 5g to a 4.5l empty water can and fill with water.  A 5g measuring scoop included with each pack.


CONGRATULATIONS YOU'VE PLANTED A TREE! For every pack you purchase,we will donate one tree.


Keep Calm and Happy Gardening!

Mary & June

Mary & June's Garden 'Grow Your Own' Soluble Feed with Micro-Nutrients & Seaweed