Sewing seeds indoors

Sowing seeds indoors is usually a lot more successful than sowing outside.

Starting seeds indoors and monitoring their growth is a rewarding project that the whole family can get involved in and will give your garden a head start before the Spring.

There are hundreds of delicious vegetables, fruit and herbs that you could easily grow on your own. Here are just a few:

  • Radish

  • Rocket

  • Lettuce

  • Carrots

  • Baby beetroot

  • Spinach

  • Peas (mangetout and sugar snap)

  • Turnips

Here's what to do !

1. Fill the seed tray or container with fresh seed-sowing compost, then lightly damp the surface level, making sure there are no lumps that might prevent even sowing.

2.Stand the seed tray in water so that the soil can soak up the water from the bottom of the tray, then allow to drain.

3.Make small holes in the soil to drop the seeds into, then sprinkle some more soil over to cover the seeds.

4.Label trays with the variety and date of sowing and place them on a bright windowsill.

5.Check trays regularly for moisture.

6.Wait a few weeks before the seedlings are big enough to prick out, then separate them carefully.

7.Lift each seedling carefully by picking them up by one of the leaves and then transplant into a plug tray.

8.Once you've done this, use a watering can with a rose to water them

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