Protecting Plants from Frost

Plummeting temperatures this time of year can cause a lot of damage to your plants. If you are lucky enough to have a greenhouse, move your more tender plants inside out of the cold. If you don’t have a greenhouse, here are a few tips to protect your plants over the colder months.

Use plant protection fleece

Insulating garden fleece will protect your plants from frost, wind and harsh weather conditions. It will allow sunlight and moisture through to maintain healthy growth.


Cloches are removable coverings for individual plants, made out of glass or plastic, usually bell shaped. They wil protect your plants from harsh weather and animal pests. You may need to stake them down to prevent them from blowing away.

Top Tip: For smaller plants you could use plastic milk jugs cut in half.

Remember to remove all covers in the morning once the frost has thawed.

Insulate your pots

Plants in containers and pots are more prone to frost and root damage in colder temperatures. Wrap the entire exterior of the pot in bubblewrap and secure with garden twine or string. Leave the top of the container open so that you can continue watering the plant.

Top Tip: If you don't have bubblewrap you could use cardboard instead.

Water your plants in the afternoon.

Moist soil has an insulating effect and holds a lot more heat than dry soil.

Protect plants in containers by grouping them together.

Place your plants in a sheltered spot closely together so they can help insulate each other.