Summers not far away - Gardening Jobs for April

A few Gardening jobs for April:

  • Start sowing tomato seeds but you must protect from frosts

  • Support climbing roses and clematis to fences or frames.

  • Remove any new weeds by the roots, hoe raised beds and borders.

  • Sow hardy annuals directly into pots or beds, remember to feed the new roots to keep them healthy and able to fight diseases (Feed with Mary & June’s ‘Root and Seed Organic feed’)

  • Secure tree ties are not cutting into the trunk and where necessary loosen.

  • Keep an eye on seedlings and as soon as they start growing full leaves, remember to ‘pot on’ to individual pots (Feed with Mary & June's ‘Root & Seed Organic feed').

  • Check plants and soil for signs of pests and disease, clear and treat the first signs of pests.