Perfect Composting

Here's some helpful tips on easy and accessible materials for composting! Woody material: try to shred it or let it rot down into usable mulch/compost.

Collect any fallen leaves and put into a large sack to produce leaf mould (be patient - takes 2 years to compost). To make quality leaf mould, pile leaves up separately in a bespoke leaf mould bin, sacks or cage. The leaves will breakdown and you’ll have the perfect material to use for mulching and potting in years to come.

All deciduous trees make good leaf mould with some break down more quickly than others. Small thin leaves down fairly quickly, while some large leaves benefit from being shredded first.

Only include small amounts of evergreen leaves and conifer needles as they take far longer to rot

Spread manure to beds/plot to increased fertility and improve the soil structure.

- Sow green manures ready to be dug in next February.