March in the garden

March is one of the most exciting months in the garden. Things are starting to wake up and come alive! If your garden is looking a bit neglected and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the things that need doing, don’t panic. Start by taking a walk around the garden and making a list of all the jobs that you need to do. Then, pick three things that you want to do first.

Here are a few jobs for the garden in March.

1. Clean garden tools and pots – Make sure all of your gardening equipment is clean to prevent the spread of diseases. Use old cloths/sheets to clean tools with soapy water. Make sure they are dry to ensure they don’t rust.

2. Mow the lawn – When cutting your grass for the first time, mow your lawn on a high blade setting. Use lawn seed to repair any patches and add a high nitrogen fertiliser.

3. Freshen up pots and containers - top up with fresh compost to improve the compost structure and provide a fresh supply of nutrients, which can be lost quickly in pots and containers.

4. If you’re thinking of ‘Growing your own’ and sowing a few seeds, you could try something easy like lettuce, spinach or kale. Try Mary & June's Garden 'Root and Seed Organic Feed' to get your seedlings off to a good start.

Time to get outside and enjoy the garden !!