Growing Ranunculus

Ranunculus can be planted in the autumn between October and November or in the spring when the danger of frost has passed.

Ranunculus are beautiful flowers with rose-like blossoms which are available in many colours and make great cut flowers. Grown from a special bulb called a corm, they are easy to grow in pots and containers.

- Before you plant them, soak the corms in water for about 2 hours. This will give them a good start and activate them into growth.

- Put some gravel at the bottom of your pot before you add the soil to make sure you have good drainage and fill the pot with a good quality multipurpose compost.

- Plant the corms, claw end down, about 5 cm deep and 5-10 cm apart then cover with soil.

- Water the pot and leave them in the greenhouse or conservatory until the risk of frost has passed. (usually about Mid-May)

When they flower in early Summer, keep removing any withered flowers to encourage new growth and use a good fertiliser like Mary & June's 'Super-concentrated Premium Plant Food' to keep the blooms coming.