4 benefits of using seaweed in gardening

Seaweed is a very effective soil feed which improves soil structure and will benefit your garden any time of year. The great thing about seaweed is that is full of trace elements that are often not found in other common fertilisers such as manure.

Here are just four of the many benefits of using seaweed in the garden.

1. Seaweed has readily available nutrients such as nitrogen, magnesium, potassium, and phosphate. It also has other hormones that boost plant growth.

2. It will help you grow robust , healthy plants and helps them withstand attack from pests and disease.

3. Seaweed contains over sixty minerals and trace elements, along with numerous bio stimulants, and it also contains iodine which is an excellent disease suppressant.

4. Flowers tend to produce more vibrant colours with application of seaweed.

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