Potash (Potassium) for Healthy Plants and Soil in the Garden

For the healthy growth and increased reproduction of your plants, potassium is an essential element.

Potassium is responsible for creating plant sugars and for water uptake, is essential for plant growth and is taken up in large quantities by plants.

Potash based feeds are vital for fulfilling all the plants needs.

Why Potash Fertiliser are Good for Your Plants and vegetables

Potassium-rich soil has the following advantages relating to plant growth and health:

· Increases water retention

· Increases the plants drought resistance and improves root growth

· Creates disease resistance in plants

· Prevents energy losses and reduces respiration

Coming soon: ‘Mary & June’s Garden’ soluble Plant food and Root & Seed Organic feed, with increased potash, seaweed and many more wonderful plant boosting elements.