Planting Hyacinths

Hyacinths are easy to grow and are a lovely addition to your Spring garden!  They come in a variety of colours and have a beautiful fragrance.  Plant them in the Autumn in borders or pots and they will give you a lovely display by March or April. We picked up these from the fantastic Farmer Gracy's. Beautifully packaged and excellent quality bulbs.

Step 1.

Add some pebbles to the bottom of your pot for drainage.

Step 2.

Add some multi purpose compost or John Innes no 2 which is quite coarse and sandy so good for drainage. 

Step 3

Leave a couple of inches at the top of your pot to make sure you have enough room to plant the bulbs.

Step 4

Place bulbs on top of soil (pointy side up ) making sure they’re not touching about 3 inches apart. 

Step 5

Cover with compost and water to settle the bulbs in.

Everything the bulb needs to grow will be in the bulb already.

Step 6

Wait for Spring!

*Top Tip*

If giving as a gift, you could add some Sphagnum Moss which will help with moisture retention, as well as making it look a bit more decorative.

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