Planting for Spring in a Container - Bulb Lasagne

If you want lots of different flowers from early to late Spring but have limited space, bulb lasagne planting is the perfect solution! You will need: - 1 deep container (with hole for drainage) - Bulbs (try Tulips, Snowdrops, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Crocuses) - Multi-purpose compost

- Grit Step 1 Firstly, place some pebbles at the bottom of your container to help with the drainage.

Step 2 Add a thin layer of compost on top of the pebbles

Step 3 Place Tulips on your first layer (the bottom layer). Make sure the bulbs are not touching and the point of the bulb is facing upwards.

Step 4 Add a second layer of compost to your bulb lasagne, on top of your Tulip bulbs!

Step 5 Next up, add your Daffodil bulbs to the new compost layer, followed by another layer of compost on top. Gently firm down the compost with your hands.

Step 6 Place your bulbs of Snowdrops or Crocuses for your top layer, followed by another layer of compost on top.

Step 7 Finally, bring some instant colour to your pot by adding some primroses or beautiful violas on top.

Step 8 Enjoy watching your bulb lasagne bloom through early to late Spring! This is such a quick and easy way to save tub space and enjoy seasonal flowers all from the same pot! #bulbs #springbulbs #tulips #snowdrops #bulblasagne #spring #springgardening #maryandjunesgarden