Onyx Bio-Stimulant, Organic Plant Based Fertiliser.

Onyx is a unique, organic based

bio-stimulant which delivers nitrogen,

potassium, trace elements and significant levels of amino acids.

It is produced from concentrated plant extracts that have significant bio-stimulation properties, as well as supplying macro and micro nutrients.

Onyx, promotes the early establishment for new roots and seeds, as well as increasing the uptake of

available nutrients in the soil.

Rich in organic matter and amino acids, Onyx bio-stimulant provides a fully organic solution to increased plant growth, eases plant stress and produce a strong healthy plant.

Onyx, in a multipurpose feed, works wonders in boosting your flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Coming soon ‘Mary & June’s Garden’ Root & Seed Organic feed, with Onyx and Mycrostart for boosting growth and creating wonderful plants and truly tasty vegetable.