Greenhouse: Winter Gardening

Remember to protect your plants from frost this year. Move any pots of flowers into the greenhouse or poly-tunnel.

As the days get colder and nights longer, there are plenty of plants you can grow in a greenhouse in winter, and while they will take longer to grow then they would in the warmer months, they’ll can still flourish, with a little protection from the elements.

The type of greenhouse and where you live will effect on what you can grow, but as long an you plan well, there are a number of crops that work well in winter greenhouse

Potatoes - they are a brilliant winter crop, you can grow potatoes in either grow sacks or a large bucket/flower pot. Plant seed potatoes in early winter for March crops, we recommend filling your container with mixture of garden soil and compost for best results, with a handful of potato fertiliser for essential nutrients. Potatoes do not like frost, so be sure to keep your greenhouse warm.

Winter Lettuce -

Little gems, rocket and lambs lettuce are a few different types of lettuce that prefer the cooler environment. They tend to grow quickly and you can soon be harvesting some big leaves for a winter salad or tasty sandwich.

Kale, Spinach and Cabbage - these leafy greens are perfect for growing during the winter. Growth times can vary and you will need to keep the greenhouse at the optimum temperature. Riccio d’Asti and Nero are good varieties of winter spinach.