4 Easy-To-Grow Flowers From Seed

1. Sweet peas

Loved for their colours and fragrance , sweet peas are one of the most popular cottage garden flowers. They're easy to grow from seed and can be sown anytime from October until March. You can sow your sweet pea

seeds in March but sowing them over Winter will produce stronger, more robust flowers.

2.Annual Phlox

Garden phlox is a sun-loving perennial whose sweet-smelling, nectar-rich blossoms attract butterflies and look beautiful in Summer flower arrangements.

Sow seeds indoors in Spring (late March to April) for flowering by mid-June or early July.


Petunias are one of the most popular Summer bedding plants and come in a variety of colours.

Perfect for pots and hanging baskets, they will last all Summer long. Sow your seeds from February to late April.

The annual or bedding petunias should be sown indoors with warmth in cell trays, seed trays or small pots at a temperature of 18-24°C (65-75°F).

4. Sunflowers

Sunflowers, with their bright blooms and large daisy-like flower faces are a lovely addition to your garden. They're also the perfect choice for teaching young children about gardening because they're so easy to grow.

Sow 1 seed into a 7.5-10cm (3-4in) pot filled with seed sowing compost. Make sure you let them grow quite tall before planting out.

Plant outside in late May or early June when the last frosts are over.

The dead flower heads containing the seeds can then be used in winter as a bird feed, as many bird species love sunflower seeds.