3 Reasons to Grow Your Flowers from Seed

Growing your flowers from seed is not as hard as you think and is one of gardening’s most rewarding experiences. Spring is the perfect time to start growing flowers from seed and here are some other good reasons as well.

1 Better Selection -You can get a much wider variety of plants as seeds from Garden centres or nursery catalogues. You’ll be able to choose from a broader selection of flowers and find colours you might not have even thought about.

It's also worth a visit to your high street stores as they are often cheaper than garden centres.

2 Save money - Buying seeds instead of plants can save you a lot of money ! With perennials costing anything form £4.00 upwards, you'll soon see the savings start to mount up.

3 It's easy - Germinating seeds is easy. You can start growing flower seeds indoors, in a planter, or outside in your garden or flower beds. You can look forward to a Summer full of colour for just the price of a few packets of seed.